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Our ServicesGRP Fibreglass Production Manufacturing


GRP Fibreglass Production Manufacturing

As part of our process, we initially discuss your requirements with you in detail to ensure we have the correct understanding of the overall product to be achieved noting all specific timeframes. Whether you already have a mould available to use or need us to produce one, we will work hard to determine the best process from the start.

The main factors we consider include the total number of parts to be produced and to then ensure the integrity and functionality of those parts.  We aim to give you a strong, durable mould that is not only cost effective in its manufacture but highly capable in the number and quality of parts produced from it.

When determining the product material, Darwin Composites analyse all specifications and dimensions in detail, which include:

  • Following fire safety legislation - safeguarding the product as fire retardant
  • Waterproofing - considering the levels of water the products may hold or if the product is open to the elements
  • Product strength – taking into account if the product is weightbearing
  • Overall finish – we aim to achieve a perfect finish

We have completed many production runs for high end clients from our unit in Shrewsbury including:

  • A high a number of 5500 litre and 9000 litre water tanks for data cooling centres
  • Fibreglass panels - creating the structure for a number of 6 metre and 9 metre 360 degree domes
  • Trailor frontages for a well-respected trailor supplier

We have been complimented by our customers on our dedication and the quality of our finish.  

Every single one of our customers has returned for repeat business.